Whitney Wharf - Hingham, MA

Whitney Wharf, situated along Hingham Harbor, is a new park located on an old pier that juts out into the bay. Previously owned by a car dealership, the town was able to gain ownership the wharf, and use it as the final piece in the completion of the public waterfront edge that now extends from one end of the harbor to the other. The plantings for the new wharf consist of simple masses of beach rose, daylily and viburnum. Trees were used along the road edge. Further back on the pier, all the plantings are set out in large raised planters. Members of the Hingham community will be able to purchase a brick and have it inscribed with donors names. These inscribed bricks will be laid in a pattern with plain bricks allowing citizens to both finance the park and to receive recognition for doing so.

Whitney Wharf

MSA designed the new landscape for the pier that takes advantage of the views to the water and provides new open paved spaces that can be used for a wide range of activities, from art shows to graduations. A seating area with a shaded deck can be found at the end of the pier for protection from the sun while raised planters offer built in seating around the paved areas.